ATUU Festival of Arts

About Ghana


Ghana is geographically the centre of the earth. It is located along the gulf of guinea.  The Greenwich Meridian runs through it from the north to the south where it meets the Equator in the Atlantic Ocean to the country’s south. The country is described in various circles as the golden child of West Africa and in other places as Africa. The sun shines brightest in Ghana and is nearly all year round, well except in the rainy season which is tropical and it lasts for about three months in the year.

IGhana mapt has welcoming beaches with the sand ranging from cream to golden, great hinterland, multiple cultures, diverse wildlife and its people are noted for their hospitality. Ghana has been described as the land with the smiling people. It has many tourist attractions spread all over the country and the must see include the many castles and forts especially the ones in Cape Coast and Elmina, water falls at Bui, Wli and Techiman. You should also not miss the canopy walkway in the Kakum forest near Cape Coast.

Politically, it is one of Africa’s success stories. Since 1992 when it returned to  democratic republic, it has held seven successful, free and fair elections which it does every four years and there has been three changes of government from one political party to the other.

Its economy is largely mixed with the informal sector being the largest and it is mainly made up of small scale industries.

Ghana has a rich and colourful culture made up of various dance, musical and art forms. It is home to the world famous colourful Kente and Adinkra fabrics. It also pioneered highlife and Azonto as musical genre and has many traditional music and dance forms.  It is on record as having initiated the current wave of videography in Africa.